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Ergonomic Chairs: 5 Benefits Your Office NEEDS in 2021


Is the best office chair an ergonomic chair? Discover the 5 must-have benefits that ergonomic chairs will bring to your office. 

Ergonomics Explained

Ergonomics, also known as human engineering, is the science of designing things in the most efficient and safe way possible for the human body. When it comes to ergonomic chairs, this means designing to reduce the effects of our mostly-stationary 9 to 5 office shift.

If you’re looking for ergonomic office chairs you are already aware that sitting at a desk all day sounds easy, but can take a pretty substantial toll both physically and mentally…But are ergonomic chairs really worth the investment? Let’s take a look at the proven benefits ergonomic chairs can provide.



Upper-Body Pain Reduction

Ergonomic chairs are highly adjustable for a reason: nobody is exactly the same. Being able to adjust the seat height, backrest, lumbar support, seat depth, armrest heights, etc. are all common features for ergonomic chairs because maintaining proper posture is the key to reducing sitting-related injuries and pain.

Poor posture at the desk is directly related to the development of several musculoskeletal disorders that we’re all probably too familiar with: chronic muscle strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and lower back pain.

All of these disorders can be mitigated or prevented by investing in ergonomic solutions, according to a recent OSHA study.

Best Chair for Upper-Body Pain:
CXO ERGONOMIC CHAIR: The most comfortable chair in the world. Period. Complete with fully adjustable upper body and neck support

Lower Body Alignment

Pain and posture problems don’t stop at the belt-line. Chairs that lack ergonomic design can place major pressure on the pelvis and hips, which can cause slouching, numbness, and lower back pain.

An ergonomic chair relieves the pressure on the hips, keeps your lower body aligned, and your lower back supported. This results in better posture, less nagging pain and stiffness, and eliminates the constant shifting around just to get comfortable!

Best Chair for Lower Body Alignment:
DIONNE MESH MID BACK CHAIR: Stylish and supportive with an adjustable seat slider so you can find your perfect alignment.


Improve Productivity

So we’ve seen that ergonomic chairs can keep you pain-free and aligned, but what about the broader benefits? It turns out being more comfortable is directly related to being more productive!

Studies by the Journal of Safety Research have found that adopting ergonomic office chairs can result in a 17% increase in productivity on average.

Best Chair to Improve Productivity:
ENDURO HEAVY DUTY HIGH BACK CHAIR: Build to last and keep you comfortable for the long haul with complete adjustability and headrest options.


Reduce Lost Labour Hours Costs

For longer-term benefits, ergonomic chairs really do seem to pay for themselves if you factor in the reduction of lost working hours.

Jordan Ashley Furniture buddy’s home furnishings living space kitchen & dining furniture.

A study conducted by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries study reported that using ergonomic furniture resulted in a significant reduction in absenteeism. Another study found that the number of lost workdays could be reduced by 88% on average, alongside an 81% average reduction in workers’ compensation claims.

Best Chair to Reduce Lost Labour Hours Costs:
SPICE! MID BACK TILTER CHAIR: Breathable CoolFlow seat fabric hugs the natural curve of the spine and keeps you comfortable for hours.


Improved Emotional Working Environment

Finally, if you feel good in your chair, you’ll feel better overall. Being pain-free means it’s much easier to be happy at work, and taking care of your mental health is just as important as the physical aspects.

Workplace studies have found that offices that adopted ergonomic furniture have also been shown to adopt better health and safety culture overall – all while reducing employee turnover by up to 48% and absenteeism by up to 58%!

Best Chair for an Improved Emotional Working Environment:
COOLMESH PRO PLUS EXECUTIVE HIGH BACK CHAIR: All the ergonomic features you expect in one stand-out style package for looking good and feeling better

Conclusion: The best office chair is an ergonomic chair!

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