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Opening Setup Checklist For Post-pandemic Office Spaces


Office Preparation for Shared Workspaces

Corporate office spaces are finally ready to re-open after a long hiatus spent working from home. Make sure your office has been modified to support the health and safety of your employees as they return and acclimate to the post-pandemic work world. Use this opportunity to redefine what a shared workspace looks and functions like while ensuring local and provincial safety guidelines are being met and maintained. You can help defend workplace health by incorporating our simple solutions for managing and sustaining shared office environments.

Personal Desktop Partitions and Panels

Creating a set work space is important for offices and individuals. This increases productivity and allows employees an opportunity to focus entirely on their tasks at hand. Increase the safety of each personal deskspace by utilizing our partitions and panels to separate staff workstations and to reduce cross-contamination. Our range of clear panels and covers provide ample functionality choice without sacrificing the office aesthetics. Our modular, flexible and easy to move split screens present a popular option for a balance between both style and function. Transform your office space instantly and effortlessly with the versatile, free-standing shields, or opt for something more permanent like the 24″ plexiglass privacy panels.

Conference Room Setups for Productivity

Allowing staff to work in their personal workspaces is effective for individual tasks and projects, yet a shared vision and collaboration is often needed on group projects. Ensure your employees have a shared work space where they are able to effectively collaborate without creating unnecessary health risks. Use the rolling mobile whiteboard/safety divider to divide your conference room into a fully functional workspace or make use of our plexiglass acrylic freestanding screens as a conference-room table divider. The perfectly clear paneling and convenient 4” pass-through make this a suitable fit for both style and functionality.

Office Safety Protocols

Before officially welcoming back your staff, take some time to read and understand the guidelines provided to you by your local health officials. Organise this information into a binder or folder that is always easily accessible and ensure it outlines the proper safety and hygiene protocols as well as instructions for the proper management of a covid outbreak in the workplace. Keeping an updated contact information list for all current employees on file is a good idea to ensure easy, effective and timely workplace communication.

Unsure of how to transform your old workspace into a pandemic-proof space that motivates productivity? Browse our Safety Flyer for more information regarding functional office furniture and accessories, or reach out to our helpful staff for a free consultation.

Questions? Need More Information? Get in touch with an office furniture specialist for expert insight into office furniture solutions.


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